Financial Freedom Bootcamp With Jason Hartman  

Are you ready to roll your sleeves up and learn the in’s and out’s of property analysis, acquisition, management and wealth creation? 

Get prepared to learn with SJREI and Jason Hartman!

Join SJREI and Jason Hartman on Saturday, March 3rd for a dynamic bootcamp that will set you down the path of financial freedom.  

This 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM bootcamp is interactive, intense, and - most of all - chock full of actionable information that will let you hit the ground running.  

The hands-on learning, lab exercises, and Jason’s vast experience generating cashflow will whip your financial future into shape. By Saturday afternoon, you will be ready to conduct your own solid research and build your own portfolio of properties so that you can achieve your own Financial Independence Day™.

When the day is over, you will be able to confidently:

  •  analyze markets
  • analyze properties
  •  acquire properties
  •  manage your manager
  • and build out your financial independence portfolio!

Saturday, March 3rd, 8:30 am - 5:30 pm The Domain Hotel 1085 El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA

Financial Freedom Bootcamp will cover the following, in depth: 

Market Analysis

  • Learn the how to evaluate linear, cyclical, and hybrid markets. Learn how to target investments for cash flow vs. appreciation, how to calculate regression to replacement cost, considerations related to in-migration, out-migration and landlord friendliness.
  • This will empower you to select the best investment markets based on solid research.

Property Analysis

  • Learn how to calculate the LTITM (land-to-improvement ratio™), RV (rent-to-value ratio™), ROI (return on investment), capitalization rate, cash-on-cash return and debt coverage ratio.
  • Learn how to calculate the cost per square foot to build versus buy a property.
  • Learn how to conduct scenario analysis for your properties.
  • Many exercises will be done with templates and interactive worksheets to take the concepts from theory into reality.  

Property Acquisition

  • Walk through the steps of Jason Hartman’s Property Acquisition Checklist™ and apply each step to your personal wealth portfolio.You will come away from JHU Live with a copy of the checklist to use in your pursuit of financial independence.  

Managing your Manager vs. Self Management

  • Long-term success as a real estate investor will involve working the right team, so managing the relationships properly is of paramount importance. Learn about how to manage your property managers, when to make a change and when to stay the course. Self-management is a good option for many investors who want to increase profits and have greater control so we’ll take a close look at this too.  

Property Portfolio Planning

  • Achieving financial independence is a matter of building a portfolio of properties that generate enough cash flow to meet your needs. Jason will be walking through a portfolio planning exercise so you’ll have a road map toward your Financial Independence Day. 

With these tools in your arsenal, you can be confident on your journey toward financial independence.The time is quickly approaching, so seize this opportunity to become a part of the 1% of investors who understand real estate at a higher level. Seating is limited so secure your spot today.

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