Don't miss this rare chance to learn from someone with over 40 years of real estate experience and an incredible ability to teach, motivate, and inspire. 

In this 1 day workshop Greg will be able to dig deep and teach in depth on the tactics and tools he uses to be the EXTRAORDINARY deal maker that he is. 

With these powerful new tools in your real estate tool belt you will finally be able to negotiate any deal, in any market, to get the results YOU want, without settling.


  • Replicate The Results Through highly interesting case study after case study, you will be given just the right blend of philosophy and tools so that you can replicate these extraordinary results.  
  • See Real Estate in a Whole New Light Learn what it means that "Real estate is just the clothing that finance wears..." and how it will make you realize the tremendous opportunities you have been completely overlooking! You will see real estate profits in a whole new light.  
  • Profit, Profit, Profit How to you buy a house for $500K, sell the same house for $500K, and have a net profit of $100K? It sounds crazy but it's easy when you know what Greg knows and will share with you.  
  • Profit, Profit, Profit How to you buy a house for $500K, sell the same house for $500K, and have a net profit of $100K? It sounds crazy but it's easy when you know what Greg knows and will share with you.  
  • Tackle Transactions Like Never Before The skills you learn in this bootcamp won’t just change your investment portfolio….they’ll change your life. Learn how to know what you want and stick it out until you get just that.
  • The #1 Habit To Stay Personally Productive and Fully Engaged In Life The exact system Greg uses to fill his calendar with productive and profitable days! 

"So much of life is a negoatiaion - so even if you're not in business, you have opportunities to practice all around you." - Kevin O'Leary, Shark Tank

As real estate entrepreneurs, the tools we master and our ability to negotiate our proposed structure is what successful investing is all about.

Whether you're new to real estate investing or a seasoned pro, this 1-day workshop can multiply your profits many, many time over for years to come.

ONLINE PRICE... ONLY $129 Saturday, April 7 9 AM - 6 PM 

Greg is a sought after speaker, pursued by almost every real estate investment group in the country, and from coast-to-coast the verdict is this, people leave the time spent with Greg with a renewed sense of their verse, a mind full of new tools, and a greater intolerance to all things that “are not life”.

Greg has mentored hundreds including Mike Cantu and Lisa Hoegler. 

Mike Cantu raves: "It's been a privilege to learn from a no bull-s**t, hands on, veteran, real deal maker."


For over 41 years, Greg has been a full time real estate entrepreneur and has become a recognized expert in acquisition, finance, negotiation, property management, and the philosophical mindset that makes possibility a reality.

From the highlights of building an extraordinary entrepreneurial empire, to summiting some of world’s highest mountain peaks, to the lows of a prison cell where he spent several months, Greg’s diverse life experience and willingness to be open about all of his history allows him to bring a very unique message.

Greg’s life story is one that entrepreneurs and students alike will find unforgettable. Greg hopes in communicating his lessons learned that he can help others avoid pitfalls and face their own personal challenges with ethics, hope and encouragement.  

Greg’s speaking engagements now take him throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Greg’s experience and professionalism coupled with an incredible ability to teach, motivate and inspire has led to Greg being highly sought after challenging business organizations and private engagements throughout the world.  

Greg is passionate about his wife and seven children, the outdoors, flying, diving, golf, handball, and... good wine. 


The powerful, evidence-based negotiation approaches you will discover in the workshop are easy to learn, highly effective, and can be used in all aspects of your life. You will leave with a game plan, empowered to successfully multiply your wealth using real estate. Plus, you won't find a better value for this level of training anywhere!

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