SJREI Apr Monthly Meeting With Speaker Marco Kozlowski

Marco will show you how to buy high cash flowing assets, using OPM anywhere in the country and how he finds extremely motivated sellers that are in distress and want to sell at deep discounts in exchange for cash now.


  • How to find assets that are deeply discounted  
  • How to use OPM to finance 100% of the transaction  
  • How to pull out 6 figures tax free in less than 24 months on EACH deal  
  • How assets should work to make you money, so you dont have to  
  • How to have others manage each property for maximum profits  
  • Why you aren’t allowed to use your credit to do deals  
  •  Why you never need money or credit when you do it Marco's Way  
  • How to start and get deals fast


  • How to Ethically Invest & Trade in USA Properties From the comfort of your own home with just a laptop. 
  • YOU DON'T Need to Use Your Own Cash to Profit. Enjoy the cash flow from real estate but without investing your own cash.  
  • Buying Real Estate For Pennies In The Dollars. Discover how to locate and find high ROI producing real estate deals.


Marco Kozlowski, has an impressive rental portfolio of over 2500 doors. From mobile home parks, single family houses, apartment complexes, and hotels, he's flipped million-dollar mansions in California to mobile homes in Florida... all by using little to no money or credit of his own. Marco is known as the Luxury Flipping Master, the Cash Flow Hustler and the Mobile Home Park Maven. If it makes 6 or 7 figures, he's in! The coolest part of what Marco does is that he never uses his own money to purchase anything... ever (although, he might in rare cases).

Marco invests completely virtually, meaning that he can do a deal across the street, or across the country from anywhere in the world no matter how many zeros are on the price tag. He's purchased most of the assets he has while traveling through Europe, Australia, and Asia.  

Buying while on vacation also means getting paid to be on vacation. When we first heard how Marco was making 6 or 7 figures per deal for pennies on the dollar for huge monster cash-flows using other people's money, we just had to get him here to teach you how he does it. 

He has created a unique, simple, step by step, easy to follow system that anyone, no matter how inexperienced, can follow. You’ll be shocked at the results his followers have and how it powerfully it works.  

His "Cash Flow Hustler" system is actually faster, simpler, and safer than wholesaling. Instead of selling the sheep, you get to sell the wool month after month after month for massive passive income for you and your family to enjoy.


Join us for this content rich presentation... network with savvy real estate investors and professionals... and get empowered to successfully grow your wealth with real estate!

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