Bruce Norris Gets Personal: The 10 Life-Changing Days of a Real Estate Investor 

Actionable Ideas Ready to Up Your Game, Regardless of Your Strategy!

Thursday September 14th, 7-9 pm

Note: Bruce Norris ALWAYS sells out at SJREI (and elsewhere). Buy your tickets now if you’re planning to attend. The most respected man in California real estate, and widely heralded and published as a national resource when it comes to market timing, is coming back to SJREI this September. And, we really mean it: hold onto your seats. You’re in for a wild ride. Not only will you get the critical insights into 2017’s real estate market that you need, Bruce is going to get personal. Bruce is taking us through the what and why of the 10 most important days in his life: the 10 days that shaped him who he is today and that paved the way for the wild success he’s enjoyed over the past 36 years. As so many of you already know: Bruce Norris is as real deal as it gets. This is a man who literally pulled himself up from food stamps to the kind of fortune that most only ever dream about. 

Bruce Norris

As you learn along with Bruce, you’ll take away a new understanding about:

  • Getting started in the business 
  • Conquering fear
  • Achieving unthinkable goals
  • Sharing the business that changed his life
  • Predict the future of the real estate
  • simple intuition, kindness, and doing the right thing can save a life. 

Bruce will, of course, update us on the charts he monitors on the California real estate market. And, if you don’t know: he is considered the go-to market timing genius by news outlets and real estate speculators across the country. Bruce first made big waves in market trends with the release of The California Comeback report in 1997, which gained him much acclaim. The accuracy of the extensive report led many California investors to financial freedom. Then, his January 2006 release, The California Crash, was an in-depth look into the California market correction and the statistics behind Bruce’s predictions. What is Bruce going to share with us about where the market is headed at September’s SJREI? We don’t know, but we do know that we can’t afford to miss it.

Join Us Thursday, September 14th, 2017 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

The Domain Hotel, Sunnyvale, CA

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